This incredible eBook will help you get your start in Promoting Pro Wrestling. The information in this book is designed to put money
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Whether you are a fan that wants to make his dream a reality or a wrestling promoter looking to learn new methods of promoting,
the step-by-step information in this book is GUARANTEED to make your next event a success!

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Promoting Pro Wrestling

What Secrets are Unlocked in this Book?

If it has to do with making money in Independent Wrestling... Then it's in this book. No punches are pulled and nothing is held back. Everything from how to get free advertising for your events to the best ways to earn the respect of the talent is listed in this book.

Why do so many Independent Promoters Fail?

So many promoters fail because they simply don't know how to promote. It's not their faults. Successful independent promoters aren't exactly willing to give out their best secrets to upstart promoters. In this book all of those secrets are revealed.

What's Listed in the Book?

Promoting Independent Wrestling is divided into these Chapters:

1. Getting Started - We take you step-by-step through how to start your journey. Learn how to book venues for little or no money down! Learn how to choose the right dates for your event and how to avoid dates that won't draw. Get recommendations on the best and cheapest places to purchase wrestling belts, wrestling rings, lighting and sound equipment!

2. Booking Talent - Learn what kind of talent will draw you money and what kind of talent won't. We will take you through the art of negotiating a booking fee with a wrestler. We will teach you how to deal with locker room egos. You will learn how to treat "the boys" with respect and how to earn their respect in return.

3. Advertising & Marketing - In this chapter you will learn all the secrets to making your event a financial success. Learn how to get FREE advertising from newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and more! We will explain what is needed to make a good event poster and explain why most indy posters actually cause a negative impact. Learn word-for-word how to create a good press release for your events. Learn how to utilize the power of social networking to draw customers to your events!

4. Creating a Card - In this section we take you through the entire process of creating a successful wrestling card. Learn the perfect event length to keep your crowd from getting burned out. Learn how to properly format your card to create the most excitement for your customers. Get booking tips and learn how to keep your fans coming back event after event.

5. The Event - This where we show you how to go through the stressful day of the event stress free! Learn how to dress to gain the most respect from your peers and the talent. We will explain how the simple gesture of shaking hands can save you from getting heat with your locker room. Learn the importance of having a dependable ring crew, security and runners. Learn what to say in your pre event meeting with the wrestlers and what to say to them after the event.

Why Should I Buy this Book?

Why? Because this book can make you money, that's why!!! If you are an independent wrestling promoter or you have a desire to be this book is a must have. Even if you have a ton of a experience, you should know by that that every extra idea or philosophy can help you out. The information in this book is guaranteed and proven to make money in Independent Wrestling... If you are a fan of Pro Wrestling and you are just interested in the process of how it all works, then this is a good book for you as well... No matter what walk of life you are in, you can find something beneficial in the book!

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